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Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard

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The last step to make your house beautiful and sparkling in the middle of your neighborhood is to equip it with one of the lightings below.

Darkness can prevent you from enjoying some outdoor activities such as swimming or barbecuing in your backyard. Backyard lighting will make a difference to your experience when enjoying your happy time with your family you and getting closer to nature. Lighting not only helps lighten your yard boost outdoor ambiance but also prevents any threats from the outside.

You might know 3 popular types of backyard illumination. The first one is safety lighting used to improve navigation; the second one is landscape lighting for accentuating garden details; the last one is accent lighting to focus on the hardscape.

Each type will provide you with different lighting levels for your various needs. In fact, we have a number of choices, so let us give you some suggestions to pick out which one is for your outdoor space.

Security Lighting

Because of being used for safety protection for your home, security lighting is considered the brightest backyard lighting which can lighten large areas to help you detect any burglars, strangers, or animals intruding your home from the outside. This 120-Volt light is often installed in high spots such as above a garage to spread wide beams of light onto main walkways around your house.

Here is our Pick for Security Lights. Coming with two main colors, including black or white, Ring’s floodlight is highly evaluated with the ability of weather resistance; they can also be connected to a Ring doorbell. Come and choose the one you like the most for your home.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is designed to help you navigate walkways as well as add beauty to your backyard. They are often installed on the ground along with both sides of the main walkways. This kind of lighting is often available in low-voltage (12- to 15-V) for people to choose from. With low-voltage lighting, you will need a transformer to reduce the 120-volt house current to 12 volts. However, you also consider some other solar versions which will not need any extra wires. We helped you choose out the best solar path light to buy. Our Pick for Path Lights features a stainless steel finish and panes.

String Light

If you want to find something that can make your backyard or garden stand out in your living area, buying string lights and hanging them around is the best choice. String lighting requires low voltage to create a cozy and intimate ambiance in the backyard.

You have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing this kind of light. The manufacturers offer you products with outstanding features. They are rechargeable, water-resistant; especially, they can be both traditional battery-powered and solar-powered.

We highly recommend you buy this Brightech Ambience Pro, which is water-resistant string lights, allowing you to lighten under any weather condition. They are also av available in retro styles suitable for those who love this style.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Like other lights, outdoor wall lighting also helps illuminate your outdoor space. This kind of lighting is used at low voltage. The users can mount them on vertical surfaces like above stairways and around sunken seating areas, pools, and other low-lying spots.

Through many different tests, we finally found out the best outdoor wall lighting for you. This Feiss comes in an excellent style for you to use to decorate your house. Our Pick for Outdoor Sconce will focus light from an incandescent or LED bulb toward the entertainment below. The design’s clean lines easily fit into any other fixtures you may have in place around your exterior.


Lanterns are often installed in the vicinity of the back door to illuminate an arch. You can purchase lanterns with a translucent. You can consider some choices of the best lantern lighting this year. The quality of this affordable fixture will definitely win your heart at first sight.

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