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The Best Above-Ground Pools for The Backyard

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During the summer, swimming may be the most favorite outdoor activity of all people. If you cannot go to a certain swimming pool in the hometown, we highly recommend you buy one of the above-ground pools below for your backyard size and easy maintenance. 

Before that, you should know how many types of above-ground pools we have. 


Inflatable swimming pools are the cheapest swimming pool; they are effortless to maintain and set up. You just need an air pump for inflation. It will depend on your pool’s size to estimate how much time you take to set it up in your backyard. Inflatable pools also need frequent maintenance and cleaning. Some inflatable pools don’t need a filter or chemicals for cleaning.

This kind of swimming pool is beloved by most families with children. Inflatable pools are available in many sizes; if you have children, you can choose kiddie pools that are only 24-inches wide by 3- or 4-inches deep. Inflatables also are easy to store when not in use.

  • Our Top Pick:

The HomechInflatable Swimming Pool is the best choice for families who want to create a swimming pool for their children to relax during the hot summer. The swimming pool is made of a thick, BPA-free PVC material that provides extra strength to its frame. 

You can fill 3 independent air cham with an electric pump in only 3 to 4 minutes. You also do not need to spend much time on deflating or draining either. This swimming pool is very suitable for home use. You can dry it when not using and store it in your home easily. 

Steel Frame

Steel frame above-ground pools are sturdy and durable. It is difficult to break because its frame has vertical supports and side rails. Besides, its sidewalls and bottom are made of durable plastic materials such as vinyl, resin, or PVC. Thanks to its strong steel frame, you can have a larger and deeper pool of this kind of above-ground pool. However, you may need a filter or chemicals to clean the swimming pool. 

The truth is that steel pools have some advantages. It is quite heavy, difficult to store at your home, and can get hot in the sun. The steel-frame model can be a good choice for those who do not want to move it around in the garden.

  • Our Top Pick:

The Intex 26743EH 18-foot by 48-inch Premium Prism swimming pool features a strong steel frame; which offers up to 6,423-gallon capacity. It is also pretty simple to set up in your backyard, even amateurs can finish setting it up within 60 minutes.

The pool features nearly 4 feet of depth and 18 feet around. You may need to offer them frequent maintenance, but there is no need for constant emptying or refilling. This pool comes with a full set of accessories such as a ladder, filter, debris cover, and ground cover to keep the water clean. 

Aluminum Frame

If you want something lighter than a steel frame, then you can go for this kind of swimming pool – an aluminum frame. Do not doubt its strength and durability. However, aluminum is easy to be oxidated. But you can use a protective coating to prevent this phenomenon. 

  • Our Top Pick:

Blue Wave’s swimming pool can offer you 13,600 gallons of water, making enough space for 8 to 12 kids and adults swimming in. The pool features a steel frame coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminum. Through the Star Galvin process, the frame can be protected from corrosion, rust, chips, and nicks. Especially, the Martinique comes with durable resin components, resisting all damage and breakdown from UV exposure.

Do not worry about how to set up the pool because you will be provided with enough tools and accessories coming along with the pool, including a filter, ladder, return, and a skimmer. Of course, however, you still need to spend time on setting up; it can take about at least 6 hours for full assembly. 


Hybrid composites of both steel and resin. They’re made from various combinations of steel vertical uprights and resin joints and side rails. These models are the perfect combination of both a resin and steel frame because they do not have the drawbacks of each; however, it is quite expensive. Semi-Inground

Semi-inground pools are often known as radiant pools. They’re less expensive than in-ground pools and provide more customization options than a typical above-ground pool. They are very easy to install on slopes and uneven ground in your backyard. Remember that radiant pools will be more permanent than above-ground pools since we can take them down at the end of the season.

  • Our top picks

The Intex 26367EH Ultra XTR Pool Set comes with a full set of the accessories you need to set up the pool in your backyard area. The steel frame is powder-coated, making it rust-resistant and durable. D-shaped tubular pieces enable the frame to hold a large water capacity. Besides, it is also easy to install although it is quite big. this kit includes everything needed for setup, including a ladder, debris cover, ground cloth, and filter and saltwater pump system. 

Come and take the one for your family right now!

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