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MWELO Landscape documentation package checklist

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Project Information

 Date:
 Project Applicant:
 Project Address:
 Total Landscape Area:
 Water Supply:
 Water Purveyor:

Documents in Package

 City Checklist or Calculations Worksheet (Appendix B) or
 Landscape Worksheet (MAWA & ETWU)
 Soil Analysis & Recommendations (from a soil lab)
 Landscape Design/Project Notes/ Plant Legend/Plant Count
 Landscape Design Hydrozone Water Use
 Irrigation Design/ Irrigation Project Notes
 Grading Design Plan (from Engineer)
Documents which are optional for the designer to provide or coordinate

Certifying Completion

Part 1
 Certificate of Completion
 Periodic observation of the installation
 This form completed and signed by property owner

Part 2
 Certificate of Installation
 Periodic observation of the installation
 This form completed and signed by either:
1. Signer of landscape design plan
2. Signer of irrigation design plan
3. Licensed Landscape Contractor

Part 3
 Irrigation Scheduling

Part 4
 Landscape & Irrigation Maintenance Schedule

Part 5
 Irrigation Audit Report/Survey Report (upon installation)

Part 6
 Soil Management Report

Additional Optional Documents
 Resources
 Maintenance Guides


Option for Landscape projects between 500 sq. ft. and 2,500 sq. ft.

1. Project information

 Date
 Project applicant
 Project address
 Total landscape area
 Project type
 Water supply type
 Contact information
 Applicant signature

2. Incorporate compost to 6 inches depth

3. Plant material shall comply with the following:

 75% of total landscape area must be low water use (.3 plant factor)
 Minimum 3” layer of mulch

4. Turf shall comply with the following:

 Shall not exceed 25% of the landscape area
 Shall not be planted on slopes steeper than 1:4 ratio
 No turf in parkways less than 10 feet wide, unless irrigated by sub-surface (drip) or other method without overspray or runoff.

5. Irrigation systems shall comply with the following:

 Smart controllers with non-volatile memory
 Pressure regulators on whole system
 Manual shut-off valve at point of connection
 Areas less than 10 feet wide irrigated by subsurface (drip) or other method without overspray or runoff
 All irrigation emission devices must comply with the latest ANSI standards

6. At the time of final inspection, the permit applicant must provide the owner of the property with a certificate of completion, certificate of installation, irrigation schedule, and a schedule of landscape and irrigation maintenance.

7. Landscape plan and irrigation plan required (per Julie Saare Edmonds of DWR)

8. All underlying irrigation requirements that are in the full ordinance apply (per Julie SaareEdmonds of DWR).

1. All documents pertaining to the ordinance can be found at the following link:
2. These pages only summarize the requirements of MWELO. Please consult the ordinance at the above link for actual language of the ordinance.
3. For examples of the majority of the required documentation, go to the New California Landscape website at the following link:
4. A pdf copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be found at the following link:

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